Film Review: La La Land


*note: this is posted a day after I wrote the  post xx

Soo.. today I finished my mock exams, on a “high” note with chemistry. ha. Anyway, as soon as my exam ended I buggered off out of school feeling a strange, calming sense of relief as I felt all that weight come off of my shoulders. Bliss. We (fui con mis amigos) got to the cinema and got our tickets and it was so funny because we were allowed to leave school early and so many employees in the shops came up to us to ask whether we were bunking haha. So: the film.

I had hyped the film up aaallll weekend, like I listened to the sountrack etc well in advance so couldn’t contain my excitement as the film began, squealing as the opening song, ” Another Day of Sun” played- it was GREAT!

Basic synopsis without spoilers: Mia is an aspiring actress, and Sebastian is a musician who wants to revive  jazz music. Their paths cross, and through falling in love, persuade each other to follow their dreams. la-la-land-ryan-gosling-emma-stone-1

I adored the film, like 10/10 would’s a love story, and completely beautiful, with reality intertwined, something which Hollywood could do more with, instead of giving me and others false expectations of love 😦 The way the film was shot- there were amazing scenes and montages with the directors cleverly using different angles in order to surprise us, was genius, with the block colours and bright light bringing LA to life.

But, and I cannot stress this enough (especially if you’re a girl and it’s your time of the month like me): BRING A PACK OF TISSUES. The film has its sad parts which will make you sit in your seat, sobbing a sea of tears and contemplating whether life has any meaning. It. Will. Break. You. The soundtrack is- apart from the beloved High School Musical soundtrack which, like with everyone will always hold a special place in my heart, probably my favourite out of all films, like purrleease give it a listen: its jazzy and so nice and Emma and Ryan’s voices are lovely. Another thing I love about the film is that, despite its obvious Broadway inspiration, it shows you don’t need big, blaring voices to sing musical songs which is a real confidence booster for some (including yours truly). LLL d 12 _2353.NEF

On the topic of Ryan Gosling… he was so unbelievably good looking in this film. Bloody hell. Like, there are some scenes where he’s so intensely playing the piano where he has this little tuft of hair sticking out and ohmygosh it gives me life, and throughout most of the film he’s wearing a tight white shirt and like chino-esque suit trousers and waist coat! And his singing and way of delivering jokes through facial expression and timing is spot on, too. But like, he plays insane piano and he looks really good doing it. Also, a comment underneath a trailer of some sort for the film said: If I took a girl on a date to see this film, she would wish she was with Ryan Gosling instead. Which, tbh is quite true. Gotta love Ryan.640image

Kudos to the film for also highlighting the difficulty of making it in the arts industry, and for showing the emotional/mental distress that comes with it too. In addition to this, the film has also made me wish I could tap dance and has sparked a love of jazz in me now 🙂

On the whole, I rate the film 9/10, because it’s plot was amazing as was the use of montage. The songs and dances were great, and there’s this really funny scene where Ryan’s character is playing in something like an 80s tribute band and upon seeing this, Emma’s character, who doesn’t know his name, calls him George Michael 😀 The film loses a mark for making me cry and putting me in a glum mood for the rest of the day :\ But this film is definitely one I will watch repeatedly as I grow older, taking different lessons from it as I

Hasta Luego,

Alina xx


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