Stuff I need to say: Islamophobia

Hey guys, this is my INCREDIBLY BIASED RANT about Islamophobia and a bunch of things. Feel free to COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS/COUNTER ARGUMENTS so we can all LEARN 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL XXX

 *btw this is a rant I wrote in the early morning (like 2am-ish) but I just got quite frustratred and felt the need to type it. Yes, I know it’s not balanced, but it’s not an essay. It’s an angry rant of a teenager lols 🙂 *

The increasingly Islamophobic climate of the world, particularly Britain (I live in Engand) is something I’m becoming all the more aware about.

Abroad in mainland Europe, at the expense of migrant Muslims, far right groups such as “Alternative fur Deutschland” are becoming all the more popular whose leader Frauke Petry believes that not only should all illegal migrants be shot but that the burka and funding of mosques should be banned as Islam doesn’t compliment Germany’s “Democratic, social foundation”. Going hand in hand with this is the fact that, results from a University of Leipzig study reveal 40% of 2,420 Germans think Muslims should be banned from coming to Germany. This is largely in response to the influx of refugees from Muslim coutnries such as Syria and Iraq, who have been subject to inhumane torment at the hands of Daish (this is a derogatory term for ISIS which we must use to undermine them) and rebel groups funded by the US’s foreign policy of Covert Actions where it’s basically written that they have a right to meddle in other countries’ affairs, for instance, the 1954 Guatemalan Coup d’etat at where the CIA led a coup to topple the democratically elected presidency and impose the military Dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas, resulting in the killing if more than some 200,000 people.

Any way, the fact that the refugees from those countries are flooding Germany (and other nations) in desperation causes the most disgusting in society, and sadly some of the most influential too, to open their God-forsaken mouths and claim that they’ve been “radicalised” and so are terrorists, perpetuating Islamophobia. Kinder-transport was designed by Nicholas Winton to rescue 669 predominately Jewish children from Czechoslovakia on the eve of WW2 (an amazing achievement). One can tell reluctancy to take in refugees is due to Islamophobia- where was the Kinder-transport for the three year old Alan Kurdi who was washed up on a beach, lifeless. What about for the babies killed in the hospitals over night as the bombs go off in Aleppo.

Fun fact: Some of the most infamous radical terror groups include the Taliban, who started out as the “Mujaheddin”, a rebel group in Afghanistan who was supported (surprise, surprise) by the US as a means to resist Communist takeover, In fact, the President Ronald Reagan even claimed they had the same values as the Founding Fathers of America- this glorification went to the extent where Bin Laden was being hailed as a “Hero” in the papers. Governments world wide have now put into action the “War on Terror” which includes them trying to prevent this kind of radicalisation, particularly in the UK where a strategy cleverly titled “Prevent” has been put into practice.

The principles behind Prevent are to prevent radicalisation that can lead to terrorism- so this is happening across all schools, the teachers are legally obliged to report to the authorities if their pupils show any signs of radicalisation without needing to inform the parents before hand. This however is going horribly wrong (but how can we be surprised that a country who makes the most of their sterling through arms exports are struggling to effectively carry out a counter-terrorism strategy?) A Pakistani four year old was almost referred to a counter-extremism programme because his teachers mistook his drawing of a cucumber for a cooker-bomb. Though its not stated, even a chimp can tell Prevent is only targeted at Muslims, giving people permission to be Islamophobic, normalising these stereotypes by framing terrorism as a Muslim problem thus alienating followers of the faith in the process. Prevent denies me and countless other Muslims of the so-called “British value” that is “Freedom of Speech”- it is so insanely difficult for us to comfortably voice our opinions without having a fear of being deemed an “extremist”.

The lady who oh-so-admirably came up with this is now also our Prime minister. Big whoop. She’s an Islamophobe, with this being one of many examples: Abu Qatada, a Muslim cleric, was deported by her much to the dismay of the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) who she publically criticised for meddling. Being the hypocrite she is, she used the same ECHR to prevent (there goes that word again haha!) extradition of Gary McKinnon, a white guy to the US, but was in favour of the extradition of British poet Talha Ahsan, a Pakistani. They were both charged with hacking and had Asperger’s. But, as history dictates, the POC (person of colour) gets punished whilst the white man doesn’t.

This Islamophobia has reached the point where ladies wearing the Hijab are terrified to step out of their houses whilst the French’s wannabe progressive society tells them to remove their covering which conveys peace and modesty. Frankly, if women are allowed to barely wear anything, they should be alllowed to cover just as much. But not. Because it doesn’t directly benefit the men in our patriarchal society this notion is ignored.

Helping the perpetuation of Islamophobia is the removal of ease of access to the knowledge of terrorist acts of Western countries, for example in schools we don’t learn about the monstrosities carried out by the British Empire, who we laud in countless anthems. France may always act the victim (of course what happened there recently wasn’t nice but where was the lit up Wembley Stadium for Palestine?) but we musn’t forget that only 50 years ago they wiped out 30% of the Algerian population and stuck some in left over concentration camps from World War Two- even managing to make a business of it this by hiring migrant workers.  Aung Saung Suchi, the Burmese leader constantly lauded by the West, even winning a Nobel Peace Prize for “humanitarian efforts” when she’s encouraging a genocide against its indigenous, Muslim, Rohingya peoples. Their villages are being destroyed and are forced to live in squalor with a few packets of antibiotic if even, with no nearby hospital as well the fact that they’re being massacred. Suchi has denounced their legitimacy as an indigenous people and has banned the use of the word “Rohingya”. She stripped them off citizenship under Myanmar’s 1982 Citizenship Law, so they don’t even have a place to call home thus leaving them vulnerable to infinite human rights abuses.

The society we live in has conditioned us to think of Muslims as terrorists. If someone whispered “Bismillah” or “Allah hu Akbar” as they sat down beside you on the bus, would you feel alarmed? Threatened? Yes. Because of how media manipulated the faith. All religions (and non-believers) have their fair share of nutters; the IRA, Stalinists, the IDF, and now, Daesh.





6 thoughts on “Stuff I need to say: Islamophobia

  1. Stefanie says:

    Good rant! I had not heard about Prevent. Has it actually been put into practice or is it still in the proposal stage? Meanwhile, here in the US, we have a president elect who want to start a Muslim registry and not just for new immigrants. The city where I live just elected a Somali-American woman (the first!) to our state legislature and recently when she was in Washington DC for some meetings she was threatened by a cab driver who called her a terrorist and all sorts of other things. She was so afraid she jumped out of the cab as soon as she could!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thebookishidealist says:

      Thank you! Yes, Prevent has been put into place and teachers have to go through training and stuff but many teachers are opposed to it or have mixed feelings, and yeah I heard about Ilhan Omar, it’s such a shame that people think this way sadly 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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