How I revise (or at least try to anyway)

Hi guys! I just got back from doing some Christmas shopping for my friends and managed to fit in a swim, too. In this blog post I’m going to be going through some ways how I try to revise (God knows whether they’re successful ways or not), taking you through some of my stationery which helps me do this. Aaah stationery, love it love it love it. (< that sounds so cringe, ew.)

A book I’m studying for my English GCSE is Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte. I love the book, even though loads of people believe that nothing happens until page 336 or something, but I personally thought it was reallllly good! The book is about an orphaned Jane, who grew up in the family of her aunt (non blood related) and abusive cousins. From their she went to a backwards minded Christian free school where until towards the end of her stay she experienced harsh treatment. She then took up a job as a governess in a house where she meets the love of her life and then, frankly, shit goes down. So, the way I’ve been revising the text (I only began last week) has been to use index markers from Post It and stick them on pages relevant to the different assessment objectives (such as Context, Structure etc).

I use the York Notes revision guides and workbooks for Jane Eyre (as well as An Inspector Calls and MacBeth) as a platforrm and spring board for my own ideas, like they have helped me (so far) a lot. 

Sadly, apart from that I haven’t really been revising, only doing homework- my school piles so much on us ugh. Though, on the most part for all subjects (apart from Drama and Art) I would recommend doing Past Papers,, I’m yet to do this but I’ve heard they make a massive difference.

also, MAKING A TIMETABLE IS A MUST! Trust me, when you’re not in a school enviroment it is super duper easy to be ill disciplined towards studying so a timetable forces you to actually study (feel free to throw in treats at the end of the week etc to motivate you.

also, DO NOT OVER REVISE. Literally it just makes you a complete wreck. Do small 25 minute portions of subjects/topics a day to make you feel like you’ve done something and GET PLENTY OF REST so you can wake up feeling freeeessssh.

When you approach any kind of learning/ revising, you need to know what kind of a learner you are: Visual, Auditory, or Kinaesthetic- of course there will be instances when they overlap. Visual is when you learn best through images and colour and just generally really seeing things. Auditory is podcasts, and listening to things etc and Kinaesthetic is doing it youself for example doing the chemistry experiment rather than reading about it. I’m more of a visual learner so use colours and lots of cute stationery to help:

Stickey Notes/Markers help me when it comes to book marking important pages or things I need to go over in general. The cute animal ones are from WHSmith, the coloured strips are from Muller (a shop in Germany, but you can get versions here too), and the purple lined sticky notes and the blue ones are from Post It. I use them to add more notes to my page (if I run out of space and can’t use the next one if its a different subtopic etc) and just as reminders for things.

Highlighters/pens play an integral part in learning, for me. I use  Stabilo highlighters (my blue and yellow aren’t in the picture-oops!) to highlight key bits of information in my book because I’ve found that when things are colourful it’s nicer to look at so easier to read. In addition to this, I use (not pictured sorry, by the time I got to photographing them it was dark because its winter in England :/ ) the Papermate coloured inkjoy biro pens, they are AMAZING to use when you just need a break from your regular black/blue ink. From Muji I got a set of coloured pens- felt tip, not biro. They are so good, although, apart from the blue, they’re a bit too pastel for my liking. These are really handy as on one end its a fine liner yet on the other side its thick. Bliss.

(above are a few examples of how I use colour etc in my books).

I use Sharpies when/(if I’m bothered to) I make posters, so in the Summer holidays when I had a looottttt of time on my hands I made some Biology posters. They’re such a fun, and almost therapeutic way to consolidate your learning.

I hope you learned something haha!

What should I do next? Hmm, I have a whole load of ideas…

Alina xxx


11 thoughts on “How I revise (or at least try to anyway)

  1. rea says:

    It’s so nice to come across a fellow stationery lover! Definitely a stationary obsessor 🙂 Good luck with your revising- we have mocks soon but homework and coursework are taking over my life!!

    Liked by 1 person

      • rea says:

        Okay so long list: the standard Maths, English lang, English lit and then Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, ICT, French, Religious Education, Religious Studies, Further Maths and Latin. What about you?


      • thebookishidealist says:

        maths, english lit and lang, bio, chem, physics (obviously) and then History, Spanish, Art, Religious Education and Drama 🙂 what’s the difference between religious education and studies, I thought they were the same thing?


      • rea says:

        Well we have separate GCSEs for the two. RE is more Christianity based on topics like abortion and RS is more ethics based on topics like the environment and crime. You have quite a well rounded range of GCSE subject, I’m jealous of your talents. Have you considered what you want to take for A levels?


      • rea says:

        Okay so I’m a bit confused as to what I want to do at uni so I’m just keeping my options open but I want to take Maths and Chemistry for sure and then for the next two options I’m contemplating to choose two from French, Religious Studies and geography. This is the point when you realise things are getting legit. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t feel like my GCSE exams are in a few months. Its weird.


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