Mucho Stressed out

” Hello, I’m auditioning for the role of teenager and I’ll be singing Stressed Out by TOP”

I’ve literally never related to anything as I much as I do with the above quote taken from a meme.

Hi again, it’s been long. That’s because of ALL OF THIS STRESS THAT THE ENGLISH SCHOOL SYSTEM CAUSES US INNOCENT KIDS UGH. So, in case you didn’t know, I’m doing my GCSEs this Summer (they’re like the big exams that all your 12 or how many years of education have been leading up to), and that means, come January I have my mocks 😦 Basically, I’m terrible at maths, like so terrible I can’t even burn my exercise book when I’m done out of relief in case I fail and have to retake it the year later. So I’m attempting to revise for my mocks, but to be honest I don’t get how we’re expected to remember yeaaarrsss worth of material??? As welll as this, I’m handing in some of my art coursework on Monday which means, on top of homework I’ve had a paintbrush in hand all week. AND, I’m applying for an academic scholarship for sixth form so I’ve been preparing my letter and presentation we have to do etc etc. Also I’m picking my A-Levels subjects (you pick 3 now, and they determine what University and what path in life you’ll take so woe betide my indecisive mind) and I wear braces. The relevance of the latter in that paragraph is because, wearing braces if fine like it doesn’t bother me, but today I got these elastics which are basically these yellowish (ew) elastic bands stretching from one brace at the top to one at the bottom and its really noticeable and I’m so self conscious about it now 😦

So yeah, hopefully in my Christmas holidays I’ll be more active (like back to posting 1-2 a week) as well as revising.


Alina xxx


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