Follow me: South Kensington edition

SOoo I was in South Kensington yesterday (around 4pm onwards which is why the pictures are quite grey as well as the fact that it was raining aaaalll day), so follow me around as I went for a stroll 🙂

After having a tuna and cucumber baguette at Pret A Manger, as well as a mango smoothie, I hopped on the tube to South Kensington.

I walked past the Bibendum restaurant (its French) which is in what used to be Michelin House, which is a beautiful building. I didn’t eat there though as its so expensive, instead I opted for a Costa’s for a hot chocolate and slice of carrot cake.

I then walked around Chelsea, snapping away at the beautiful, iconic white houses. Things to look out for: the Chapel Chanel sticker, they’re plastered all around London, the one I found was in Kings Road (Chelsea). They also have pubs with quite peculiar names, for example the one above is called “Queen’s Head”, there’s another one in Knightsbridge called “A Bunch of Grapes” which always gets a laugh from me because of how true it is.


I then walked towards the Victoria and Albert museum. I have mixed feelings about the V&A, architecturally, its lovely. I also like how it has a permanent exhibition on Ottoman and Middle Eastern/Islamic art, but other than that, I find what it has really boring. Although if you’re a tourist then I do recommend going though I personally don’t understand the hype about it.

On my way to the museum I basically fangirled because i have a thing for Vespas, especially yellow ones haha.

Next, I walked to the National History Museum which realllly got me into the festive mood as they had stuck their lights on and introduced its annual ice skating rink again, wooo! To add to all this, they even had a carousel (which I obviously went on). PLUS I WALKED PAST JIM CHAPMAN AND TANYA BURR AND A FRIEND, I made eye contact with Jim as we walked past each other but I didn’t stop him because I don’t watch him much anymore and he was having a nice time so I didn’t want to interrupt lols.

My walk took me to Knightsbridge, where, obviously, Harrods was boasting its magical lights. I went to Zara which is pretty much next door to it where I got a pair of jeans and a top.

Hope you enjoyed that 🙂 I should do one when its sunny next time. Aaanyways, I have 6 exams to revise for, all this week so I should get started!


Alina xxx


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