#NotMyPresident: reflections


Donald Trump has been elected president and I’m listening to Mexican music as I write this. Oh, the irony. 

Despite not being a citizen of America, as a young woman (lol I’m 5″2 but oh well) I very much feel a part of the #NotMyPresident campaign, empathising with the angry citizens, as they have a reason to feel this way. Donald Trump is a man who endorses rape culture. His sexually aggressive comments about women are disgusting, stating how he would grab them by the p***y and that his fame allows him to get away with it, and his pedophilic behavior; in reference to a young school girl who must have been 9 years old at the most  he described how she’d be her husband some day in the future, as well as revealing he found 12 year old Paris Hilton hot. In addition to all of this, he’s made sexual advancements on married women- knowing they’re married. The fact that Donald Trump makes sexist remarks so regularly and colloquially hints at a normalisation of this disgusting behaviour, putting women across the USA at risk. Thousands, if not millions, of women and young girls are getting raped in America, him being president will definitely increase this number. Confirming the idea Trump put forward as to how he gets away with anything is a sad case, only from a few days ago. A woman stepped forward claiming she was raped by Trump and his billionaire friend when she was 13- a big hype was made about this but on the day of the court case, she denied it and withdrew her accusation. Now, this wasn’t because it didn’t happen, but that she was scared. Famous men who have significant leverage in the world, like Donald Trump, can make us feel threatened BUT we must not let this get to us! Together, as a sister hood, we’re strong and need to continue protesting in the face of this monstrous swine the fact that we have rights, but they are not equal. We will not stop until we feel safe walking by ourselves on the street on the nighttime, without having to carry our phones in our hands, or walk rapidly our eyes facing the ground. A Trump America is a misogynistic America.

In addition to his backwards, sickening conservative views on women, Trump’s racist and Islamophobic outlook on life is incredibly unsettling. Whilst the world (or what the news tells us about the world) is against his idea of banning Muslims from entering, there is a chance this can occur as all three major court houses who can actually make a difference in America are Republican, so will endorse him. His will to force Muslims to wear tags is rather Hitleresque, don’t you agree? Personally, as a Muslim, I feel in danger even though I don’t even live in America.  This is because of Trump’s international support from Far Right groups such as those in Holland and Germany which, saddly are on the rise. His stating all Muslims are terrorists is a shamble of an opinion, because what, Christians can’t be terrorists? Look up the IRA. Jews can’t be terrorists? Look up the IDF. (I know not all Christians nor Jews are terrorists, I was just making comparisons so you can understand how obscene his views are). His racism is traumatising. I’m mixed race, neither black, brown, nor white but I feel for poc (people of colour) in the USA. I feel sorry that they will be subject to even further hardship in the future, as racism will be more socially accepted under Trump. My hope is that the #BlackLivesMatter continues to live strong through this turmoil. As to Hispanics? Not all Mexicans are rapists, murderers or drug addicts, in fact, there are more White Americans that fulfill that criteria than there are Mexicans. So what if they come to America, they’re just as entitled to a better life as we are. So what if they’re illegal immigrants?  They may not be able to pay for the required documents- it just shows how badly they need and want a second chance. Additionally, was it not the Americans who first introduced drugs to the Mexicans? In my opinion, drugs should be legalised as then people who need help will be able to take it rather than being afraid of the fines which they can’t necessarily afford, criminal record which will impact their rehabilitation, and prison sentences, so they continue taking the drugs for a temporary escape from their mad world.

As I say all this about Trump, Hilary Clinton isn’t exactly the definition of an Angel either, but she is the lesser of two evils (only by like 0.00001%, because she’s a woman). The only better thing about Trump is that you know what you’re getting with him whilst Hilary’s a sly little bitch (excuse my language xxx). As for Obama, I like him for proving African-Americans have a successful future in America, but why is it so much blood of black people was spilled under his being in office? Why is it the Black Lives Matter movement haven’t received as much support from him as they should have? HOWEVER, he never shut down Guantanamo Bay which he promised the people of ‘Merica he would do, and Trump certainly won’t shut it which means people who are innocent until proven guilty will rot away in the prison in which they were cruelly locked away in and tortured without trial or charges.

Trump being in office will unfortunately increase the power of White Supremacy, influencing other neo-nazi movements across the world to do the same. I cry for poc and ethnic minorities in America. I cry for the women, and for the Muslims. I cry for the LGBTQ+ Community in America. It’s up to us to ensure quality education of EVERYONE to make sure we don’t end  up with such a twit for President again in the future.

#NoDAPL #FeelTheBern


Love you guys,

Alina xxx


4 thoughts on “#NotMyPresident: reflections

  1. Stefanie says:

    I love your passion across the pond! I am taking strength and comfort in knowing that a little over half of all voters cast a vote for Clinton. There are anti-Trump protests everywhere. The protest against the Dakota Pipeline is growing. People are talking to each other, commiserating, yes, but also making plans. Things might end up being bad, we don’t know yet, but there are lots of people in the US who are standing up against the hate Trump inspired. It’s going to be a hard 4 years here, but I am hoping we can build something good from the ashes.


    • thebookishidealist says:

      Definitely. I think the only good thing about Trump compared to Clinton is that the quality of life for the white working class has a chance of getting better seeing as he will be different from the system Clinton represented where since 1971 the average working class wage has not increased. But yes, we all need to keep hoping for good to come out this. xxx

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