October Favourites

It’s November, the weather is getting colder, and the days shorter. Christmas lights are coming on and people are becoming happier. But before we indulge in that, lets go back to October.

Beauty and Jewelry 

This October I was really in metallic blues so these two colours were perfect for me.

The downside to the Barry M polish was that although it dried reaalllly quickly, it wasn’t long at all before it began to chip :\

For my birthday I received a Pandora charm bracelet (I haven’t got any charms, yet) and it’s so so pretty! The clasp is a heart bedazzled with stones.


I invested in two Yankee Candles, in “Vanilla Frosting” and “Snowflake Cookie” (I’m someone who prefers food smells, yum) and I honestly haven’t stopped using them. They smell amazing and so warm and homely.


Books. Love ’em. I haven’t read any novels this month due to an intense amount of homework, but I did get two books which I adore at the moment.

The first is “The Diary of Frida Kahlo” which contains translations of her diary entries as well as an amazing essay and an introduction by Carlos Fuentes, through which I learnt a lot. I highlighted a small passage written by him which I love. I really recommend this.

Additionally, on the topic of Frida Kahlo, I was in the London Review Bookshop just outside the British Museum and I saw this book. It’s an amazing in-depth biography of Kahlo, with images from her childhood and more.


So, that’s it for October. Enjoy November with its Christmas music and all round festivities.

Alina xxx


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