Film Review: La La Land


*note: this is posted a day after I wrote the  post xx

Soo.. today I finished my mock exams, on a “high” note with chemistry. ha. Anyway, as soon as my exam ended I buggered off out of school feeling a strange, calming sense of relief as I felt all that weight come off of my shoulders. Bliss. We (fui con mis amigos) got to the cinema and got our tickets and it was so funny because we were allowed to leave school early and so many employees in the shops came up to us to ask whether we were bunking haha. So: the film.

I had hyped the film up aaallll weekend, like I listened to the sountrack etc well in advance so couldn’t contain my excitement as the film began, squealing as the opening song, ” Another Day of Sun” played- it was GREAT!

Basic synopsis without spoilers: Mia is an aspiring actress, and Sebastian is a musician who wants to revive  jazz music. Their paths cross, and through falling in love, persuade each other to follow their dreams. la-la-land-ryan-gosling-emma-stone-1

I adored the film, like 10/10 would’s a love story, and completely beautiful, with reality intertwined, something which Hollywood could do more with, instead of giving me and others false expectations of love 😦 The way the film was shot- there were amazing scenes and montages with the directors cleverly using different angles in order to surprise us, was genius, with the block colours and bright light bringing LA to life.

But, and I cannot stress this enough (especially if you’re a girl and it’s your time of the month like me): BRING A PACK OF TISSUES. The film has its sad parts which will make you sit in your seat, sobbing a sea of tears and contemplating whether life has any meaning. It. Will. Break. You. The soundtrack is- apart from the beloved High School Musical soundtrack which, like with everyone will always hold a special place in my heart, probably my favourite out of all films, like purrleease give it a listen: its jazzy and so nice and Emma and Ryan’s voices are lovely. Another thing I love about the film is that, despite its obvious Broadway inspiration, it shows you don’t need big, blaring voices to sing musical songs which is a real confidence booster for some (including yours truly). LLL d 12 _2353.NEF

On the topic of Ryan Gosling… he was so unbelievably good looking in this film. Bloody hell. Like, there are some scenes where he’s so intensely playing the piano where he has this little tuft of hair sticking out and ohmygosh it gives me life, and throughout most of the film he’s wearing a tight white shirt and like chino-esque suit trousers and waist coat! And his singing and way of delivering jokes through facial expression and timing is spot on, too. But like, he plays insane piano and he looks really good doing it. Also, a comment underneath a trailer of some sort for the film said: If I took a girl on a date to see this film, she would wish she was with Ryan Gosling instead. Which, tbh is quite true. Gotta love Ryan.640image

Kudos to the film for also highlighting the difficulty of making it in the arts industry, and for showing the emotional/mental distress that comes with it too. In addition to this, the film has also made me wish I could tap dance and has sparked a love of jazz in me now 🙂

On the whole, I rate the film 9/10, because it’s plot was amazing as was the use of montage. The songs and dances were great, and there’s this really funny scene where Ryan’s character is playing in something like an 80s tribute band and upon seeing this, Emma’s character, who doesn’t know his name, calls him George Michael 😀 The film loses a mark for making me cry and putting me in a glum mood for the rest of the day :\ But this film is definitely one I will watch repeatedly as I grow older, taking different lessons from it as I

Hasta Luego,

Alina xx

2017: My Reading List

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks but I’ve been “revising” (oh the irony) for my mock exams which start on Monday yikes, and I was in Germany this week to see my grandma and family and just got back a few hours ago!  I don’t know about you, but 2016 ended happily, I was surrounded by family etc etc but I felt like I failed to accomplish things that year, other than homework- like reading.

  Basically, this is a list of books I want to read this year, updating it as I go along, and maybe adding more– so that when it’s time for 2018 I’ll hopefully have read  the books (most anyway) and written reviews : )


  • Villette– Charlotte Bronte
  • Shooting an Elephant and other essays- George Orwell
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky
  • One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  • Call for the Dead- John le Carre
  • More than this- Patrick Ness
  • Alone in Berlin- Hans Fallada
  • Doctor Zhivago- Boris Pasternak
  • Persuasion- Jane Austen
  • Monsters of Men- Patrick Ness
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude-  Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Trial- Franz Kafka
  • Thirteen Reasons Why- Jay Asher
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Truman Capote
  • Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell (I’ve read it before but neeed to read it again x)
  • Power Systems- Noam Chomsky
  • Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell
  • Where the air is clear- Carlos Fuentes
  • Homage to Catalonia- George Orwell
  • Great Expectations- Charles Dickens
  • Facial Justice- J.P Hartley
  • Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy
  • The Catcher in the Rye- J D Sallinger
  • Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde

It’s not much at the moment, but this school year I don’t have a lot of time due to my GCSEs, so most reading will be during the summer holidaaayys 🙂

If you’ve read any, comment your opinion on the book, it would be lovely to see what you all thought!


Alina xxx

Stuff I need to say: Islamophobia

Hey guys, this is my INCREDIBLY BIASED RANT about Islamophobia and a bunch of things. Feel free to COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS/COUNTER ARGUMENTS so we can all LEARN 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL XXX

 *btw this is a rant I wrote in the early morning (like 2am-ish) but I just got quite frustratred and felt the need to type it. Yes, I know it’s not balanced, but it’s not an essay. It’s an angry rant of a teenager lols 🙂 *

The increasingly Islamophobic climate of the world, particularly Britain (I live in Engand) is something I’m becoming all the more aware about.

Abroad in mainland Europe, at the expense of migrant Muslims, far right groups such as “Alternative fur Deutschland” are becoming all the more popular whose leader Frauke Petry believes that not only should all illegal migrants be shot but that the burka and funding of mosques should be banned as Islam doesn’t compliment Germany’s “Democratic, social foundation”. Going hand in hand with this is the fact that, results from a University of Leipzig study reveal 40% of 2,420 Germans think Muslims should be banned from coming to Germany. This is largely in response to the influx of refugees from Muslim coutnries such as Syria and Iraq, who have been subject to inhumane torment at the hands of Daish (this is a derogatory term for ISIS which we must use to undermine them) and rebel groups funded by the US’s foreign policy of Covert Actions where it’s basically written that they have a right to meddle in other countries’ affairs, for instance, the 1954 Guatemalan Coup d’etat at where the CIA led a coup to topple the democratically elected presidency and impose the military Dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas, resulting in the killing if more than some 200,000 people.

Any way, the fact that the refugees from those countries are flooding Germany (and other nations) in desperation causes the most disgusting in society, and sadly some of the most influential too, to open their God-forsaken mouths and claim that they’ve been “radicalised” and so are terrorists, perpetuating Islamophobia. Kinder-transport was designed by Nicholas Winton to rescue 669 predominately Jewish children from Czechoslovakia on the eve of WW2 (an amazing achievement). One can tell reluctancy to take in refugees is due to Islamophobia- where was the Kinder-transport for the three year old Alan Kurdi who was washed up on a beach, lifeless. What about for the babies killed in the hospitals over night as the bombs go off in Aleppo.

Fun fact: Some of the most infamous radical terror groups include the Taliban, who started out as the “Mujaheddin”, a rebel group in Afghanistan who was supported (surprise, surprise) by the US as a means to resist Communist takeover, In fact, the President Ronald Reagan even claimed they had the same values as the Founding Fathers of America- this glorification went to the extent where Bin Laden was being hailed as a “Hero” in the papers. Governments world wide have now put into action the “War on Terror” which includes them trying to prevent this kind of radicalisation, particularly in the UK where a strategy cleverly titled “Prevent” has been put into practice.

The principles behind Prevent are to prevent radicalisation that can lead to terrorism- so this is happening across all schools, the teachers are legally obliged to report to the authorities if their pupils show any signs of radicalisation without needing to inform the parents before hand. This however is going horribly wrong (but how can we be surprised that a country who makes the most of their sterling through arms exports are struggling to effectively carry out a counter-terrorism strategy?) A Pakistani four year old was almost referred to a counter-extremism programme because his teachers mistook his drawing of a cucumber for a cooker-bomb. Though its not stated, even a chimp can tell Prevent is only targeted at Muslims, giving people permission to be Islamophobic, normalising these stereotypes by framing terrorism as a Muslim problem thus alienating followers of the faith in the process. Prevent denies me and countless other Muslims of the so-called “British value” that is “Freedom of Speech”- it is so insanely difficult for us to comfortably voice our opinions without having a fear of being deemed an “extremist”.

The lady who oh-so-admirably came up with this is now also our Prime minister. Big whoop. She’s an Islamophobe, with this being one of many examples: Abu Qatada, a Muslim cleric, was deported by her much to the dismay of the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) who she publically criticised for meddling. Being the hypocrite she is, she used the same ECHR to prevent (there goes that word again haha!) extradition of Gary McKinnon, a white guy to the US, but was in favour of the extradition of British poet Talha Ahsan, a Pakistani. They were both charged with hacking and had Asperger’s. But, as history dictates, the POC (person of colour) gets punished whilst the white man doesn’t.

This Islamophobia has reached the point where ladies wearing the Hijab are terrified to step out of their houses whilst the French’s wannabe progressive society tells them to remove their covering which conveys peace and modesty. Frankly, if women are allowed to barely wear anything, they should be alllowed to cover just as much. But not. Because it doesn’t directly benefit the men in our patriarchal society this notion is ignored.

Helping the perpetuation of Islamophobia is the removal of ease of access to the knowledge of terrorist acts of Western countries, for example in schools we don’t learn about the monstrosities carried out by the British Empire, who we laud in countless anthems. France may always act the victim (of course what happened there recently wasn’t nice but where was the lit up Wembley Stadium for Palestine?) but we musn’t forget that only 50 years ago they wiped out 30% of the Algerian population and stuck some in left over concentration camps from World War Two- even managing to make a business of it this by hiring migrant workers.  Aung Saung Suchi, the Burmese leader constantly lauded by the West, even winning a Nobel Peace Prize for “humanitarian efforts” when she’s encouraging a genocide against its indigenous, Muslim, Rohingya peoples. Their villages are being destroyed and are forced to live in squalor with a few packets of antibiotic if even, with no nearby hospital as well the fact that they’re being massacred. Suchi has denounced their legitimacy as an indigenous people and has banned the use of the word “Rohingya”. She stripped them off citizenship under Myanmar’s 1982 Citizenship Law, so they don’t even have a place to call home thus leaving them vulnerable to infinite human rights abuses.

The society we live in has conditioned us to think of Muslims as terrorists. If someone whispered “Bismillah” or “Allah hu Akbar” as they sat down beside you on the bus, would you feel alarmed? Threatened? Yes. Because of how media manipulated the faith. All religions (and non-believers) have their fair share of nutters; the IRA, Stalinists, the IDF, and now, Daesh.




How I revise (or at least try to anyway)

Hi guys! I just got back from doing some Christmas shopping for my friends and managed to fit in a swim, too. In this blog post I’m going to be going through some ways how I try to revise (God knows whether they’re successful ways or not), taking you through some of my stationery which helps me do this. Aaah stationery, love it love it love it. (< that sounds so cringe, ew.)

A book I’m studying for my English GCSE is Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte. I love the book, even though loads of people believe that nothing happens until page 336 or something, but I personally thought it was reallllly good! The book is about an orphaned Jane, who grew up in the family of her aunt (non blood related) and abusive cousins. From their she went to a backwards minded Christian free school where until towards the end of her stay she experienced harsh treatment. She then took up a job as a governess in a house where she meets the love of her life and then, frankly, shit goes down. So, the way I’ve been revising the text (I only began last week) has been to use index markers from Post It and stick them on pages relevant to the different assessment objectives (such as Context, Structure etc).

I use the York Notes revision guides and workbooks for Jane Eyre (as well as An Inspector Calls and MacBeth) as a platforrm and spring board for my own ideas, like they have helped me (so far) a lot. 

Sadly, apart from that I haven’t really been revising, only doing homework- my school piles so much on us ugh. Though, on the most part for all subjects (apart from Drama and Art) I would recommend doing Past Papers,, I’m yet to do this but I’ve heard they make a massive difference.

also, MAKING A TIMETABLE IS A MUST! Trust me, when you’re not in a school enviroment it is super duper easy to be ill disciplined towards studying so a timetable forces you to actually study (feel free to throw in treats at the end of the week etc to motivate you.

also, DO NOT OVER REVISE. Literally it just makes you a complete wreck. Do small 25 minute portions of subjects/topics a day to make you feel like you’ve done something and GET PLENTY OF REST so you can wake up feeling freeeessssh.

When you approach any kind of learning/ revising, you need to know what kind of a learner you are: Visual, Auditory, or Kinaesthetic- of course there will be instances when they overlap. Visual is when you learn best through images and colour and just generally really seeing things. Auditory is podcasts, and listening to things etc and Kinaesthetic is doing it youself for example doing the chemistry experiment rather than reading about it. I’m more of a visual learner so use colours and lots of cute stationery to help:

Stickey Notes/Markers help me when it comes to book marking important pages or things I need to go over in general. The cute animal ones are from WHSmith, the coloured strips are from Muller (a shop in Germany, but you can get versions here too), and the purple lined sticky notes and the blue ones are from Post It. I use them to add more notes to my page (if I run out of space and can’t use the next one if its a different subtopic etc) and just as reminders for things.

Highlighters/pens play an integral part in learning, for me. I use  Stabilo highlighters (my blue and yellow aren’t in the picture-oops!) to highlight key bits of information in my book because I’ve found that when things are colourful it’s nicer to look at so easier to read. In addition to this, I use (not pictured sorry, by the time I got to photographing them it was dark because its winter in England :/ ) the Papermate coloured inkjoy biro pens, they are AMAZING to use when you just need a break from your regular black/blue ink. From Muji I got a set of coloured pens- felt tip, not biro. They are so good, although, apart from the blue, they’re a bit too pastel for my liking. These are really handy as on one end its a fine liner yet on the other side its thick. Bliss.

(above are a few examples of how I use colour etc in my books).

I use Sharpies when/(if I’m bothered to) I make posters, so in the Summer holidays when I had a looottttt of time on my hands I made some Biology posters. They’re such a fun, and almost therapeutic way to consolidate your learning.

I hope you learned something haha!

What should I do next? Hmm, I have a whole load of ideas…

Alina xxx

Mucho Stressed out

” Hello, I’m auditioning for the role of teenager and I’ll be singing Stressed Out by TOP”

I’ve literally never related to anything as I much as I do with the above quote taken from a meme.

Hi again, it’s been long. That’s because of ALL OF THIS STRESS THAT THE ENGLISH SCHOOL SYSTEM CAUSES US INNOCENT KIDS UGH. So, in case you didn’t know, I’m doing my GCSEs this Summer (they’re like the big exams that all your 12 or how many years of education have been leading up to), and that means, come January I have my mocks 😦 Basically, I’m terrible at maths, like so terrible I can’t even burn my exercise book when I’m done out of relief in case I fail and have to retake it the year later. So I’m attempting to revise for my mocks, but to be honest I don’t get how we’re expected to remember yeaaarrsss worth of material??? As welll as this, I’m handing in some of my art coursework on Monday which means, on top of homework I’ve had a paintbrush in hand all week. AND, I’m applying for an academic scholarship for sixth form so I’ve been preparing my letter and presentation we have to do etc etc. Also I’m picking my A-Levels subjects (you pick 3 now, and they determine what University and what path in life you’ll take so woe betide my indecisive mind) and I wear braces. The relevance of the latter in that paragraph is because, wearing braces if fine like it doesn’t bother me, but today I got these elastics which are basically these yellowish (ew) elastic bands stretching from one brace at the top to one at the bottom and its really noticeable and I’m so self conscious about it now 😦

So yeah, hopefully in my Christmas holidays I’ll be more active (like back to posting 1-2 a week) as well as revising.


Alina xxx

Follow me: South Kensington edition

SOoo I was in South Kensington yesterday (around 4pm onwards which is why the pictures are quite grey as well as the fact that it was raining aaaalll day), so follow me around as I went for a stroll 🙂

After having a tuna and cucumber baguette at Pret A Manger, as well as a mango smoothie, I hopped on the tube to South Kensington.

I walked past the Bibendum restaurant (its French) which is in what used to be Michelin House, which is a beautiful building. I didn’t eat there though as its so expensive, instead I opted for a Costa’s for a hot chocolate and slice of carrot cake.

I then walked around Chelsea, snapping away at the beautiful, iconic white houses. Things to look out for: the Chapel Chanel sticker, they’re plastered all around London, the one I found was in Kings Road (Chelsea). They also have pubs with quite peculiar names, for example the one above is called “Queen’s Head”, there’s another one in Knightsbridge called “A Bunch of Grapes” which always gets a laugh from me because of how true it is.


I then walked towards the Victoria and Albert museum. I have mixed feelings about the V&A, architecturally, its lovely. I also like how it has a permanent exhibition on Ottoman and Middle Eastern/Islamic art, but other than that, I find what it has really boring. Although if you’re a tourist then I do recommend going though I personally don’t understand the hype about it.

On my way to the museum I basically fangirled because i have a thing for Vespas, especially yellow ones haha.

Next, I walked to the National History Museum which realllly got me into the festive mood as they had stuck their lights on and introduced its annual ice skating rink again, wooo! To add to all this, they even had a carousel (which I obviously went on). PLUS I WALKED PAST JIM CHAPMAN AND TANYA BURR AND A FRIEND, I made eye contact with Jim as we walked past each other but I didn’t stop him because I don’t watch him much anymore and he was having a nice time so I didn’t want to interrupt lols.

My walk took me to Knightsbridge, where, obviously, Harrods was boasting its magical lights. I went to Zara which is pretty much next door to it where I got a pair of jeans and a top.

Hope you enjoyed that 🙂 I should do one when its sunny next time. Aaanyways, I have 6 exams to revise for, all this week so I should get started!


Alina xxx

#NotMyPresident: reflections


Donald Trump has been elected president and I’m listening to Mexican music as I write this. Oh, the irony. 

Despite not being a citizen of America, as a young woman (lol I’m 5″2 but oh well) I very much feel a part of the #NotMyPresident campaign, empathising with the angry citizens, as they have a reason to feel this way. Donald Trump is a man who endorses rape culture. His sexually aggressive comments about women are disgusting, stating how he would grab them by the p***y and that his fame allows him to get away with it, and his pedophilic behavior; in reference to a young school girl who must have been 9 years old at the most  he described how she’d be her husband some day in the future, as well as revealing he found 12 year old Paris Hilton hot. In addition to all of this, he’s made sexual advancements on married women- knowing they’re married. The fact that Donald Trump makes sexist remarks so regularly and colloquially hints at a normalisation of this disgusting behaviour, putting women across the USA at risk. Thousands, if not millions, of women and young girls are getting raped in America, him being president will definitely increase this number. Confirming the idea Trump put forward as to how he gets away with anything is a sad case, only from a few days ago. A woman stepped forward claiming she was raped by Trump and his billionaire friend when she was 13- a big hype was made about this but on the day of the court case, she denied it and withdrew her accusation. Now, this wasn’t because it didn’t happen, but that she was scared. Famous men who have significant leverage in the world, like Donald Trump, can make us feel threatened BUT we must not let this get to us! Together, as a sister hood, we’re strong and need to continue protesting in the face of this monstrous swine the fact that we have rights, but they are not equal. We will not stop until we feel safe walking by ourselves on the street on the nighttime, without having to carry our phones in our hands, or walk rapidly our eyes facing the ground. A Trump America is a misogynistic America.

In addition to his backwards, sickening conservative views on women, Trump’s racist and Islamophobic outlook on life is incredibly unsettling. Whilst the world (or what the news tells us about the world) is against his idea of banning Muslims from entering, there is a chance this can occur as all three major court houses who can actually make a difference in America are Republican, so will endorse him. His will to force Muslims to wear tags is rather Hitleresque, don’t you agree? Personally, as a Muslim, I feel in danger even though I don’t even live in America.  This is because of Trump’s international support from Far Right groups such as those in Holland and Germany which, saddly are on the rise. His stating all Muslims are terrorists is a shamble of an opinion, because what, Christians can’t be terrorists? Look up the IRA. Jews can’t be terrorists? Look up the IDF. (I know not all Christians nor Jews are terrorists, I was just making comparisons so you can understand how obscene his views are). His racism is traumatising. I’m mixed race, neither black, brown, nor white but I feel for poc (people of colour) in the USA. I feel sorry that they will be subject to even further hardship in the future, as racism will be more socially accepted under Trump. My hope is that the #BlackLivesMatter continues to live strong through this turmoil. As to Hispanics? Not all Mexicans are rapists, murderers or drug addicts, in fact, there are more White Americans that fulfill that criteria than there are Mexicans. So what if they come to America, they’re just as entitled to a better life as we are. So what if they’re illegal immigrants?  They may not be able to pay for the required documents- it just shows how badly they need and want a second chance. Additionally, was it not the Americans who first introduced drugs to the Mexicans? In my opinion, drugs should be legalised as then people who need help will be able to take it rather than being afraid of the fines which they can’t necessarily afford, criminal record which will impact their rehabilitation, and prison sentences, so they continue taking the drugs for a temporary escape from their mad world.

As I say all this about Trump, Hilary Clinton isn’t exactly the definition of an Angel either, but she is the lesser of two evils (only by like 0.00001%, because she’s a woman). The only better thing about Trump is that you know what you’re getting with him whilst Hilary’s a sly little bitch (excuse my language xxx). As for Obama, I like him for proving African-Americans have a successful future in America, but why is it so much blood of black people was spilled under his being in office? Why is it the Black Lives Matter movement haven’t received as much support from him as they should have? HOWEVER, he never shut down Guantanamo Bay which he promised the people of ‘Merica he would do, and Trump certainly won’t shut it which means people who are innocent until proven guilty will rot away in the prison in which they were cruelly locked away in and tortured without trial or charges.

Trump being in office will unfortunately increase the power of White Supremacy, influencing other neo-nazi movements across the world to do the same. I cry for poc and ethnic minorities in America. I cry for the women, and for the Muslims. I cry for the LGBTQ+ Community in America. It’s up to us to ensure quality education of EVERYONE to make sure we don’t end  up with such a twit for President again in the future.

#NoDAPL #FeelTheBern


Love you guys,

Alina xxx

October Favourites

It’s November, the weather is getting colder, and the days shorter. Christmas lights are coming on and people are becoming happier. But before we indulge in that, lets go back to October.

Beauty and Jewelry 

This October I was really in metallic blues so these two colours were perfect for me.

The downside to the Barry M polish was that although it dried reaalllly quickly, it wasn’t long at all before it began to chip :\

For my birthday I received a Pandora charm bracelet (I haven’t got any charms, yet) and it’s so so pretty! The clasp is a heart bedazzled with stones.


I invested in two Yankee Candles, in “Vanilla Frosting” and “Snowflake Cookie” (I’m someone who prefers food smells, yum) and I honestly haven’t stopped using them. They smell amazing and so warm and homely.


Books. Love ’em. I haven’t read any novels this month due to an intense amount of homework, but I did get two books which I adore at the moment.

The first is “The Diary of Frida Kahlo” which contains translations of her diary entries as well as an amazing essay and an introduction by Carlos Fuentes, through which I learnt a lot. I highlighted a small passage written by him which I love. I really recommend this.

Additionally, on the topic of Frida Kahlo, I was in the London Review Bookshop just outside the British Museum and I saw this book. It’s an amazing in-depth biography of Kahlo, with images from her childhood and more.


So, that’s it for October. Enjoy November with its Christmas music and all round festivities.

Alina xxx

First blog post aaah!!!

So. This is my first post (obviously by the amount of exclamation marks in the title you can tell I’m new to this whole “blogging thing” Also, I have no idea how on God’s blue planet I’m meant to get people to read this). At the moment, as I’m writing this, it’s two in the morning, Karlo my kitten is nestled nicely on my bed (hmm, I might do a post on him soon), and I’m anxiously hoping my family don’t hear my fingers waltzing away on the keyboard because I don’t want to tarnish the trust we have where they believe, for some strange reason, that I don’t go on what call my “gadgets” during the night.

I’ve been meaning to make a blog for aggeeesss now but was never sure whether to use wordpress or blogger etc etc as well as the fact that, living in England, I also need to stay focused as it’s my GCSE year so I didn’t want to create anymore stress (I take Art GCSE, I honestly deserve a medal because its so so stressful). In the unlikely case you’re wondering what else I’m taking, here’s a lowdown:

  • Maths
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • History
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Spanish
  • RS

And some time in May I have to sit multiple exams in all of those subjects. Ugh.

However, I want to be a human-rights lawyer in the future, and a journalist, so I figured this would be a great platform to express and explore my political views, as well as just expressing myself- be it through writing random thoughts, sharing photography and experiences, poetry, art or even playlists.

It’s going to be exciting.

Alina xxx